Air pollutants are more harmful than we think.

I think it is scary that the more research is done on air pollution the more they are uncovering greater health risks. The effects of air pollution can no longer be ignored. We are being slowly poisoned by all of these irresponsible companies out there that pollute our air and water while our government sits back and does nothing.

This is one of the main reasons why I started , a company that provides solutions for poor indoor air and water quality like air purifiers, Austin Air Purifiers and testing kits. I believe we should be protecting ourselves by purifying our air and water. We should be more conscious of our indoor environment and what we use for products that we put in our bodies and what we put on them. Not only the chemicals and pollutants in our air and water but also all of the chemicals that companies put in the products we purchase. This is why I have started a line of all natural products that do not have any chemicals. I think we all need to start somewhere.

Just my two cents.

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